Shop rules

GiBET offers you the chance to run your own business by becoming one of our sales outlets and promoting a tried-and-tested product range.

1.  All Gibet customers must be at least 18 years old (with proof).

2.  All bets must be registered on Gibet Platform before the deadline for bets.

3.  Gibet offers only bets with fixed odds. All bets are settled at odds received as at the time the bets were placed.

4.  Gibet have a strict policy on stake which are:

  1. Minimum stake is ₦100 in our shops.
  2. Maximum stake is ₦ 1,000,000 in our shops.
  3. You CAN NOT place bets on credit! All bets must be accepted by Gibet Shop Managers/Cashiers in exchange for cash.
  4. A confirmed/accepted bet cannot be changed nor cancelled after 5 minutes. (only pre-match)

5.  The least number of matches etc. that a bet must consist of is usually advised on the list of events, for example: Minimum trebles for football, if applicable or otherwise at any point in time.

6.  An un-played and/or postponed match is void (odds 1.0) if a multiple bet is reduced because of postponement(s).

It will be settled with the postponed matches with odds at 1.0 and the rule of minimum number of matches (if applicable).

7.  The result for betting purposes is the result at the end of ordinary play, for football 90minutes, for Ice hockey 60 minutes. i.e. when the referee blows his whistle, Extra time or Penalty shoot-out etc. does NOT count, unless specifically stated.

  1. If an abandoned or postponed match is finished within 48 hours, the result at the end of play counts.

8. If not otherwise agreed or advertised, the maximum winnings per ticket is ₦10,000,000 irrespective of Odds and stakes, if this should happen all bets will be reduced accordingly.

9. Customers must place their bets individually. Repeated identical bets will be declared void:

  1. When the bet(s) is/are the result of a conspiracy between two or more customers to exceed the maximum stakes and winnings.
  2. When identical bets are made within minutes of each other, or through different channels such as via the internet, telephone and fax in order to circumvent the stated amount Gibet is willing to accept on that particular bet.
  3. In the above cases, Gibet reserves the right to pay out winnings on the original bet from the original customer.

10. Gibet reserves the right at its own discretion, to declare a Bet void, partly or totally even if the event has ended;

  1. Bets have been offered, placed and/or accepted due any error [Error is a mistake, misprint, misinterpretation, mishearing, misreading, mistranslation, spelling mistake, technical hazard, registration error, transaction error, manifest error, or even Force Majeure]
    1. Bet(s) have been placed after the event has started;
    1. Syndicate Betting has occurred;
    1. Influence betting has occurred; and or
    1. A result has been affected by criminal actions – directly or indirectly

11. All winning clients must present their tickets or SMS receipt to the shop manager, the ticket numbers must be keyed into the terminal and amount notified by the terminal is the amount to be paid out.

12. Customers are required to keep their bet slips safe to claim their winnings. No bet slip, no payment for winning bet slip shall be made if bet slip is not presented. We shall not be obliged to pay winnings on a ticket mutilated or tampered with, in any form.

13. All Gibet Shop Agents must have a registered location/state affixed to his/her account and Shop[s] must be visible for customers to trade & place bets.

14. Customers are to note that each betting slip expires seven (7) days from the day the last bet is registered, after which no payment is made on such expired betting slip.

For a more complete set of Rules, “ Terms and Conditions” please refer to the website the sub-page: